Friday, September 21, 2012

Repost of #SFN mixed drink ideas

If you are here, you clicked on a link advertising my list of Neuroscience-themed mixed drinks. I came up with this list on a snowy autumn night right before driving down to DC for SFN. Since it's autumn again, and SFN is around the corner, I have decided to re-post the list. 
If we are all lucky and nice to her, Dr Becca, who is a literal former professional mixologist, will create a drink. I will procure the ingredients, and we will share at #sfnBANTER, on Monday of SFN at 6:30 PM at Evangeline. Details here.
The list:
  • Basil Ganglia (not my invention, but inspired the rest...)
  • Sex on the Bench
  • Slyvian Spritzer
  • Nodes of Courvoisier
  • Serotini
  • NoradrenalGin
  • Brodmann’s Area 7&7
  • Johnny Walker Red Nucleus
  • Shirley Temporal Lobe
  • Myelin Tai
  • Curarecao
  • Whiskey Barrel Cortex (my personal favorite)
  • Hot Nema Toddy
  • Seagrams Elegans
  • Gamma Amino Buttered rum
  • Substantia Negroni
  • Midori Oblongata
  • White Matter Russian
  • Corona Section
  • Hippocampari
  • Drosophilold Fashioned
  • Caipirhinal Cortex
  • Macaca mojito 
  • Tubule Libre
  • Bombay Syn Fire Chain
  • Southern Comfort Blot
  • Creme de Menthe-yl D Aspartate
  • Sazeraclopride
  • Brandy Alzheimer
  • Single unit electro fizzy
  • Henry Jameson
  • Long Island Term Potentiation
The following clever suggestions were made in the comments section as well:
  • Golgi’s Grey Goose (Lucas)
  • Cuervospnal fluid (Lucas)
  • Deoxygenated Bloody Mary (Lucas)
  • Absolut Refractory Period (Namnezia)
  • Executive Motor Cointreau (Namnezia)
  • Apoptonic (Namnezia)

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