Sunday, June 17, 2012

Beans and rice with vegetables

I remember one time in college my roommate said he wished there was 'human food' kind of like dog food. Food that was tasty, had all the necessary vitamins, was healthy for you. A balanced meal you could eat without feeling guilty and without having to think too hard about it. A default option.

Right now there's a default food option for most people, but it's McDonalds. And that's just about the least healthy thing imaginable. But I do want to emphasize the good thing about MicDonalds, the thing that is so often ignored in the debate about healthy food:

It takes almost no mental effort to choose it.

McDonalds is ridiculously efficient, and lets you focus on your life with a minimum of distraction. And some times that's what you want. Not sometimes, lots of times. We are busy people, and we are thinking about important things. Not just professors either. Everyone.

What we need, or at least, what I would love, would be a counterpart to McDonalds that sells zero effort food that you know is perfectly fine for you. Im not looking for mineral rich superfoods. Don't need antioxidants. Doesn't even need to be terribly cheap. (Although if this is going to benefit people poorer than me, maybe that should be a factor.)

Like human food, it doesn't have to to be super delicious, just reasonably yummy. Im not a nutritionist, but like, a $6, a bowl of beans and rice with fried vegetables on it, and spices like garlic, pepper, and cumin.

There are healthy foods and there are foods you can eat without thinking. It would be great if there were something in the middle there. Ubiquitous, easy, fast, healthy food.

That's kind of what cereal is. That's why cereal is so great. Breakfast is a solved problem, as long as you stick to healthy ones. Now let's extend that solution to lunch. I love nice food, and I like making my own food. But I can only do that 1 meal a day max.

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