Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Signs I might have mild Asperger's Syndrome

Based on this wikipedia article and this one.

Intense pre-occupation with a narrow subject?
Yes. For example, I frequently read articles about the Interstate highway system or about geography. At other times in my life, world records, facts about the Olympics, French grammar, math, certain comic books.

Restricted prosody?
Yes. According to my sister (and others) I have no prosody.

Physical clumsiness?
Kind of. I am particularly bad at dancing, and at all sports, aside from running. I know everyone says this, but when I took a ballroom class, I was clearly an outlier in how slow I was to learn, despite really really trying.

Failure to develop friendships?
True until college. Not so true since then.

Lack of interest in fiction. Exclusive interest in non-fiction?
Yes. I have tried fiction many times, but have never really gotten into it, at least, since starting college. When I was younger I read everything, but even then more non-fiction. Now it's hard to see the point. Kavalier and Clay is still on my to-read list. Unlike a lot of nerdy people I have never been interested in fantasy or sci-fi books.

Stereotyped and repetitive motor behaviors?
Yes. Mild Tourette-like symptoms, especially during adolesence, and during times of stress.

Unusually large vocabulary at young age?

Called "little professor" as a child?

Obsession with routines and rituals?
Yes. From young age until present.

Pedantic, idiosyncratic or formal speech?
Somewhat. Moreso before college.

Extreme shyness, unwillingness to talk to unfamiliar people?
7 lonely years at summer camp say yes.

Difficulty understanding social norms?
Somewhat true until college.

Close affinity to animals?
Yes. Especially dogs. Also, my username is a polarbear. I wonder if that's meaningful.


Other ones not so much:  Lack of empathy? Not really true at all. Sudden affective outbursts? Not true. Feeling of being detached from the world around them? Not really.


  1. I suspect that had I tested as a child I would have been given a mild Asperger's diagnosis. I just don't know how much it was on people's radar when I was young. I have some interesting stories about learning to socialize and not take things literally. I didn't really shake it off totally until college.

  2. It makes me wonder if not almost everybody would fall into a category of a mild psychiatric disorder of some sort....?

    1. The more important question is, does your particular mild psychiatric disorder predict the field you will study?


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