Sunday, July 29, 2012

Olympic Village brand condoms

Why hasn't this been done yet?
Olympic Village Brand Condoms?
It could make condoms cool again!

Here's my suggestions for the ad campaign that I came up with in the last 10 minutes.

1. When you get home you want them to ask “silver or gold?” not “pink or blue?”

2. Don’t pass one of these tests:
Only to fail one of these:

3. Put a muzzle on your air rifle

4. Sometimes geopolitics is complicated:

 Sometimes it’s simple: 

 For the times when it’s simple.

5. After 10 pm in the Olympic Village, it’s time for the Synchronized Something Else

6. Because Rhythmic Gymnastics is more precise than the Rhythm Method.

7. Leave on this belt: 

Take off this one:

8. Because the World’s Fastest Man isn’t always the World’s Fastest Man. If you know what we mean.

9. For the woman who's an expert at the parallel bars, not the parallel legs


11. In the Olympic Village, there's no need to pommel your own horse.

12. Because sometimes even the world's greatest athletes have a "false start"

13. Because there's another javelin event the public doesnt get to see

14. Bring home the gold, not the herp.


  1. Even the best archers need to play safely.

    Also, something about the swimmers in the pool being the ones who get to reach their goals...


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