Sunday, July 1, 2012

Some famous TV Shows are structurally superhero narratives

Hero: Dexter
Superpower: Super-fighting
Secret Identity: Dexter, the nerdy detective
Weakness: Psychopath
Sidekick: Harry's Ghost

Breaking Bad
Hero: Walter
Super-power: Super-chemistry
Secret Identity: High School teacher
Weakness: Anger issues
Sidekick: Jesse

Mad Men:
Hero: Don Draper
Super-power: Super copy-writing
Secret Identity: The man in the gray flannel suit
Weakness: Existential ennui
Sidekick: Roger

Hero: Tony
Super-power: Good at running a criminal organization
Secret Identity: Law abiding citizen
Weakness: Needs psychiatric help
Sidekick: Christopher

Veronica Mars
Hero: Veronica
Super-power: Super-sleuthing
Secret Identity: Mild mannered high school student
Weakness: Logan
Sidekick: Her father

Big Love
Hero:  Bill
Super-power: Super-polygamy
Secret Identity: Monogamous regular guy
Weakness: Nutty, also, connection to compound
Sidekick: Bud

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  1. The Killing
    Hero: Sara Linden
    Superpower: car sleeping, massive sweaters
    Secret identity: worst cop and parent EVAR
    Weakness: donuts & cigarettes, obvs
    Sidekick: Holder


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